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Root Canal - Ripley, WV

Endodontics - a Dental Speciality Focusing on Root Canals

Endodontics is a specialized area in the dental field which focuses on root canal procedures. Root canals are normally performed on dental patients who have toothaches or tooth sensitivity due to pulp that is inflamed or infected. The pulp of your tooth is made up of blood vessels, nerves, and soft connective tissue.

Root Canals Can be Done Quicker and More Comfortably than Ever

Just the name root canal can make dental patients anxious and nervous about the procedure. With the advance of modern root canal techniques, the procedure can be done in a way that is quicker and less painful for dental patients. Hairston Family Dentistry uses an anesthetic to keep our patients comfortable during a root canal.

Our Mission at Hairston Family Dentistry is to Save Your Teeth

The mission of any root canal procedure is to treat and save your teeth. At Hairston Family Dentistry we will use every root canal technique possible to allow you to keep your tooth. When you have a root canal procedure done at Hairston Family Dentistry you can expect it to take about 30 minutes to an hour. If your case is more severe it might take more time or require at least two visits to our office.

Common Symptoms of Needing a Root Canal:

– Temperature Sensitivity
– Sensitivity when biting or chewing
– Swelling
– Trouble Swallowing

Gum Treatment

Gum treatment information coming soon.