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Dental Restoration - Ravenswood, WV

Restorative Dentistry Procedures from Hairston Family Dentistry

Oral health problems can be repaired to their original functional and esthetic state by using restorative dentistry treatments. Dr. Leah Hairston of Hairston Family Dentistry provides many of these treatments to the community.  With restoration there are many procedures to choose from in order to repair worn, decayed, damaged, or missing teeth. Our main focus with every treatment is to keep as much of the original tooth structure as possible. By using filling, veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures and implants, Dr. Leah Hairston can restore your smile. With the advancements in restorative treatments techniques, the end result can create a natural looking smile.

Dental Bonding is an Inexpensive Restorative Treatment

Dental Bonding or composite bonding is an inexpensive restorative treatment. It is primarily used to correct chips, gaps between teeth, staining, splotches, crooked teeth, and teeth with displeasing shapes. Dental composite bonding is made out of a resin which closely matches the color of teeth for a natural look.

Dental Fillings for Patients in Ravenswood, WV

Dental Fillings are used at Hairston Family Dentistry to repair fractures, decay, and other types of damage of teeth. Fillings replace the missing structure of a tooth and can help it function better. At our office, we give our patients the option to choose between tooth-colored fillings such as composite or porcelain, or metal fillings made of gold.

Dental Implants for Replacing Missing Teeth

Dental implants are another option patients have to restore the function of their missing teeth and support other remaining teeth. Dr. Leah Hairston can use an implant to replace one or many missing teeth. Implants can be used in addition to dental bridges and dentures.

Single tooth implant

Dentures from Hairston Family Dentistry

Dentures are used when there are few or no remaining teeth left in a patient’s mouth. Replacing missing teeth is important for oral health. With dentures patients will be able to bite and chew food. Dentures also help restore the structure provided by teeth and prevent facial sagging.

A set of dentures